To be completely balanced a person needs to be physically, nutritionally, emotionally and electromagnetically healthy. Kinesiology is holistic, it looks at the structural, emotional, nutritional, and electromagnetic aspects of the body.

Through gentle muscle testing the Kinesiologist will discover the cause and treat the client. Kinesiology offers a safe, private and personal service, attuned to your individual needs.


Food sensitivity testing and nutritional balancing. What goes in your body has a profound effect on your body’s function, you may be overloading it or need a supplement to help with energy levels.


Often stress can be held in our bodies, Kinesiology uses gentle structural or cranial manipulation, releasing tensions to benefit your overall health.


Addressing mental health – anxiety, day-to-day stress
and past traumas. Life and work goals, self-esteem,
fears and phobias.


Balancing the energy pathways in the body with acupressure, the meridians and the chakras. Physical and mental health can be affected by the electro magnetic fields around us, such as WiFi and mobiles.


Food is your fuel, use the wrong fuel and your body will not function at its best. Nutrition and gut health is key to helping your body heal itself from the inside out. However, factors such as stress and food intolerances can prevent your gut from absorbing the nutrients and inhibit your immune system from functioning at its full potential. Your body may also need a short-term vitamin or mineral supplement to boast your system. Kinesiology could also help with removing weight loss barriers and changing the way you think about eating.


Releasing tensions can help with the whole health of a person. Kinesiology is based on the belief that by balancing the whole body it can relieve old injuries, persistent ‘niggles’, your gait and other structural imbalances.


Holding ‘the weight of the world on your shoulders’? Stress giving you ‘butterfies’ of anxiety. Our emotions are held in our bodies and Kinesiology, through NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and muscle testing, could help address these issues and rebalance your mind and body.


Each muscle in the body is related to an energy pathway known as a meridian, each meridian is related to an organ in the body. Through muscle testing the Kinesiologist can find any energy imbalances. This could be through light acupressure or neurolymphatic points. EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) can also impact the body, your WiFi, mobile or even a baby monitor could be affecting your health – from headaches to sleep patterns.


“You treat a disease you win you lose; you treat a person, I guarantee, you win no matter what the outcome”.

– Robin Williams in Patch Adams







As well as face-to-face sessions I also hold sessions over the phone, these work just as well, please contact me for further details.

Kinesiology uses non-invasive muscle testing. The client will lie on a treatment table and the Kinesiologist will use gentle muscle testing, normally through an arm or leg muscle. The first appointment will include taking a detailed case history of your health and lifestyle.

It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing, for example leggings or jogging bottoms.

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Kinesiology should not be used to replace medical advice, but to work alongside it. Please continue to communicate with your GP or specialist and keep them informed of any developments.


After my daughter was born in 2014 I became very tired, at first I thought this was normal, I’d just had a baby after all! Then as the months went on nothing improved and I developed constant pins-and-needles, fatigue, foggy-head and something wasn’t quite right. Visits to my GP and a MRI scan showed nothing so I looked for an alternative, Kinesiology. After the first session I felt like a new person, I was blown away, my symptoms had disappeared!

Six months later I started my Kinesiology Foundation course with The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology at the Collage of Naturopathic Medicine in London. I then went on to do my Systematic Kinesiology diploma with SKTT. Qualifying in 2017. Along with ITEC level 3 Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology and a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy from the Health Sciences Academy. I am also qualified in First Aid.

I have since set up Rutland Kinesiology and I continue to attend seminars and training through the year.


Kinesiology, meaning the study or movement, was developed in 1964 by the American chiropractor George Goodheart, who became famous for solving health problems no one else could.

Using accurate muscle testing, George Goodheart, along with others, identified where imbalances in the body were occurring and could introduce various factors to find the most relevant types of treatment to help restore balance for that person. This meant every treatment could be tailored to each individual’s need. By using his chiropractic knowledge and working with the Chinese medial theory of the meridians he demonstrated that each muscle relates to an organ in the body, by stimulating the meridian the muscle response would change.

Goodheart then linked in other factors such as neurolymphatic massage points, food, which could either support or have a negative effect on the muscle, and emotional stresses. By bringing in all factors: nutritional, structural, emotional and electromagnetic, a Kinesiologist can read the whole body and identify the key in balancing the individual.


“Amazing results. I’m sleeping better, feeling more energised and less stressed. I now have an achievable plan to help me stay healthy. I couldn’t recommend Molly highly enough!”

- Julia Woke

“Molly has been amazing. I have been going to see her for a couple of months after experiencing symptoms such as hives, bloating and stomach cramps. I was getting nowhere through seeing my GP.

We have been working through changes in my diet, mindfulness and wellbeing and it has worked wonders. I feel like a different person.

After my last appointment I came away feeling relaxed and focused. I fully recommend to anyone looking for a lifestyle change or just a different approach to their physical and emotional well-being.”

- Claire Smith

“Molly has changed my life! I cannot thank her enough for unpicking the complex issues I had, sorting me out and allowing me to feel human again! It really has transformed my life!! I feel so much better!! As to does my daughter!! I will be eternally grateful.”

- Lucy Lewin

My session with Molly was great, I was very impressed with what she picked up with muscle testing. She was able to address my food allergies and even strengthen the tolerance level. I have more energy and overall feel better. Highly recommended.

- Bharti Odedra

“I saw Molly for the first time two weeks ago. Before I went I was living with daily pain, fatigue and other issues caused by fibromyalgia leading to me having to take lots of painkillers everyday. Molly has been able to pinpoint what I need to change in my diet and the supplements I need to take. I am so pleased to say that I’m more energetic and most importantly I am pain free. I feel so much healthier and no longer need to take painkillers on a daily basis. I highly recommend Molly and the treatment she provides, absolute amazing!”

- Becki Collier



If you are coming for a treatment here’s how to find me:

The Barns
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